Philosophy of the Embedded Environmental Energy Trust

This philosophy shall be spread as the good we can do for our fellow man, aiming to correct the ever more silent intoxication of the earth and the thoughtless exploitation of non replaceable natural resources for the benefit of a few.

The social and environmentally driven philosophy shall create an ever-growing group of Members willing to trade amongst each other for mutual benefit. It shall provide a dynamic financial service for all its Members, fostering trade between them to an extent that the whole community will benefit in a sustainable manner.

We will treasure our earthly possessions evermore as we evaluate the embedded environmental energy in everything we see and touch. We are quantifying this energy into an infinitive value for the common good of humanity and its environs, promoting sustainability in the environment.

We will guide and guard, to the best of our knowledge and with the highest integrity this newly created wealth through the embedded environmental energy numeration for the best outcome of all.

We must never surrender to the destructive forces of ignorance, arrogance and self indulgence.

Written by Rolf Roth, 16th Jan. 2005
Edited by Patrick Oliver Roth

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