The Green World Points System is an initiative to Protect the Value of Your Resources with Green World Points.

A system that uses incentives with the alternative Green World Points to bring our environmental resources to the forefront of our daily Buyer and Seller transactions of goods and services.

The Procedure: in German

First Rolf Roth with his son Patrick O. Roth wrote the founders Philosophy on January 16th 2005, in Kirwan, Central Queensland, Australia.

Consequently, we noticed the importance of such a value adding Philosophy for evaluating our environment and searched for its best implementation procedure of this Philosophy.

At the Law Office of Bruce Duckham in Perth, Western Australia, we founded on the 3rd of June 2005 the eee Embedded Environmental Energy Trust, 79 year Deed, to accommodate this Philosophy for future generations.

There we noticed also that this new value added Philosophy for all kind of resources needs a special currency with strong guidelines. Therefore, a company with the name eeeDollar System (ABN 22 503 107 296) was registered with the Australian Security Commission (ASIC) on the 22nd May 2006, with the registered trade make logo eee$ (TM 1119609).

We received funding from Rolf's friends in Switzerland, so Rolf took up residence in Switzerland again in August 2007 to focus on the eee$ System launch with the green energy producers in Europe. Unfortunately we were not recognized by the governments as a conflict would arise with the new tax reductions for renewable energy (double dipping).

Strong guidelines with 14 paragraphs for the eeeDollar System currency were written over the years.

Then we have taken the advantage of the green idea and registered on May the 19th 2014, the Green World Points System company with ASIC in Australia, as a variation to the eeeDollar System.

With the green idea of the Green World Points System we have gained further experience with test marketing in California and New York as well as in Europe.

On May 28, 2020, the Green World Points Club was founded at the Law Office of Andreas Schmid lic.iur. in Zurich, with three founding Members, Isabella Müller, Hans-Peter Schweizer and Rolf Roth. This was done in order to obtain the necessary license for the Green World Points System from the Australian Embedded Environmental Energy Trust.

In addition, at the GWPs Club Board Meeting on 8 February 22, it was decided to acquire the license for the eeeDollar System as well from the Embedded Environmental Energy Trust.

The Green World Points (GWPs) Club Membership is open to all natural and legal persons.

The GWPs Club Membership is an exclusive Membership for Members, who commit themselves with services or with their capital to their chosen sustainable projects of all kinds.

The GWPs Club is financed by admission fees, Membership fees and administration fees from the licensed Green World Points (GWPs) System from Australia.

GWPs System Administrators from the GWPs Club are responsible for resource preservation tasks of all types as described in the GWPs Club Articles as well as in the GWPs System Rules and Regulations.

The Global GWPs rating at activation is as follows:

One Global GWP is equal to the global average gl-kWh kilowatt-hour price of 147 nations at the time of activation from Global GWPs Confirmation Notes.

Calculated on this website:

Currently: 1 gl-kWh = CHF 0.130 = 1 CH-GWP exchange unit at the time of activation from Confirmation Notes = CHF 0.130 + fees and security provision.

The Support and Administration Fees are also agreed upon when activating the Global GWPs, as well as later collected from the Buyer by the Sellers at the cash registers "at point of sale" and divided into three parts:

1/3 for the GWPs Acceptance Commission for Sellers of goods and services who have accepted GWPs as payment.

1/3 is earmarked for all types of support to selected sustainable or humanitarian projects of the majority vote of the Member's choice.

The remaining part is earmarked for GWPs System Administration expenses to secure GWPs as a useful trading method for all Green World Points Club Members.

The GWPs System Administrator reserves the right to adjust the Support and Administration Fees and to differentiate these fees according to the turnover and composition of trading groups.

The GWPs System Administrator commits to:

Always act with a social and environmentally friendly behaviour in the interest of the GWPs Club Membership, this according to the Rules and Regulations of the GWPs System.

Copyright 2005 - 2023 Embedded Environmental Energy Trust.

(Australian ABN 22 503 107 296) Licensee Green World Points